Family Center features like supervision are currently available in the US. You’ll also need the latest version of the Instagram app. Learn more

Family Center

Helping families build positive online habits, together

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Supporting your teen's online experience.

Family Center provides you with tools and resources to help support your teen’s online experience. Teens can invite you to supervise their accounts, giving you a peace of mind while respecting their autonomy. The first version of Family Center now offers supervision on Instagram, with new tools and educational resources to support families, and we'll continue to work with parents and industry experts to introduce more features across Meta technologies.

See who your teen follows, and who follows them

Stay up to date with who your teen connects with on Instagram.

See how much time they're spending and set limits

See your teen's average daily time spent on the Instagram app. Help balance their time by setting limits.

Your teen can notify you when they've reported something

Teens can choose to notify you if they make a report on Instagram, so you can discuss what happened together.

Working with experts to build tools and resources for families

Together with leading researchers, nonprofits and trusted experts, we're building resources that offer parents more support on guiding their teens’ online experiences.