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Safety and Privacy

Five Things for Families to Know About LGBTQ+ Teens’ Safety and Privacy Online | LGBT Tech

During the pandemic, technology helped fill the social void that resulted from quarantines and isolation for LGBTQ+ youth, increasing further the amount of time LGBTQ+ youth are spending online. Knowing that LGBTQ+ youth are likely to turn to the Internet to connect socially, here is a checklist of things adults in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth can do to support their online experiences.

Media Literacy 101: Media Messages They Might See|National Association for Media Literacy Education

Explore different types of media messages, learn how to better recognize different forms of content, and understand the techniques teens use to communicate.

Quick-Guide to Secure Passwords | ConnectSafely

How to create secure and unique passwords and use other tools such as two-factor authentication and password managers.

Knowing someone’s age online is a key part to helping provide people, particularly young people, with age appropriate experiences. Learn more about two new options Meta is testing for people to verify their age on Instagram.

Guide from Parentzone on how parents can create time and space for teens to open up and raise issues about upsetting content that they may have seen online.

As with adults, teens can be susceptible to this awful phenomenon. Parents, guardians, teachers and other trusted people in a teenager’s life all play a key role when it comes to understanding the signs of suicide-related thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

Over time, a teen’s privacy needs and expectations may change, so it’s helpful to check-in with them on a regular basis, and make sure that their privacy settings meet their own standards, and that they understand they can update their settings at any time.

Overall, teens should approach their online participation with a constant consideration as to how what is posted about them can serve them, rather than harm them.

This conversation guide provides parents with tips on how they can openly talk to their teens about handling situations that deal with intimate images online.

We’re sharing how your teen can control the amount of sensitive content and accounts they see on Instagram.