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Digital Wellness

Cultivating Resilience | Cyberbullying Research Center

Cultivating resilience can help bolster your child's self-confidence, problem-solving ability, autonomy, and sense of purpose - all of which are critical for healthy youth development.

Take control of your media diet and cut down on trolls, abusers, scam artists, and negativity on social media.

Hate speech is more than just harsh words. It can be any form of expression intended to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against a group or class of people.

By learning more about how your teen likes to spend their time online, you can support their well-being by helping them find balance between offline and online activity.

Digital self-awareness is essential for teens. Learning to manage its impact on their mood helps keep their wellbeing in balance. It can help them build their resilience and the control they feel over their lives.

Whether you're starting the conversation for the first time or continuing talks on key topics, here are a few tips to help you talk to your teen about safety, well-being and mental health on social media.

Teaching balance sets our kids up for future success. We want them to learn to recognize when it’s time to move on to another activity, not by a timer going off, but by a desire to keep balance.

Becoming learning explorers is one of the most important skills to thriving in a digital world. Supporting digital curiosity can happen at almost any moment and in many ways.